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Прозрачная точка

Military adventure - T-80 and T-62 Tanks

T-80 and T-62 Tanks ride for foreigners


We offer you to become a participant of competitions "Tank Biathlon" on tanks T-62, BMP-1, BTR-80 and BRDM-2. You will be asked to become a member of the crew of the war machine and perform the tasks. In the program you will also have to wait for a fiery pyrotechnic explosion 10 meters high and a demonstration shot from the BMP-1. The instructors will hold an interesting story about all the units of equipment, a fascinating master class, which will demonstrate the rules of Assembly of the AK-74 and a historical lecture about the weapons of the second world war and modern weapons of the Russian Federation.


For all participants will be organized training shooting  from a large number of weapons. Unique and rare copies of the 1940-ies, the KPVT machine gun, the DP and the EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY to shoot from a GRENADE launcher RPG-26 single shot.


Price: from 172 EUR (45 minutes ride + program)


Military Tour
Military Tour
Military Tour


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