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Military Heritage Tour 7 nights

8 days / 7 nights


Day 1

Arrival in Moscow.

Meeting the guide and driver.

Hotel check-in.




Day 2
Moscow city tour (3,5-4 hours). Includes all the main highlights of the Russian capital.  Particular attention is paid to war memorial monuments. Besides, our professional guide will tell you about the history, culture and sights of Moscow. You will see St.Basil Cathedral, the State Historical Museum, the grandiose Cathedral of Christ the Saviour; the New Maiden Convent with its cemetery, where most celebrated  people are buried. You will be shown the panoramic view over all Moscow at Sparrow Hills, Poklonnaya Hill, Kutuzosky Avenue and the New Arbat Street.


After lunch our guide will take you to a unique place – the Museum of Cold War. It is a unique museum dedicated to an important period in human history called the Cold War. The Museum transfers you to 1950s when the relationship between the USA and the Soviet Union became critical and the world was living expecting the atomic war. The Museum represents a nuclear bunker that was built in 1951 by Stalin’s order. The bunker was built with the help of the same techniques as the metro was and, in fact, the bunker shares its tunnels with the Moscow metro. An amazing fact that this really huge atomic bunker is under the center of the city of Moscow under Taganskaya Square. In 1960s the bunker was ready to use. The bunker had been equipped with the system of air cleaning, and also there was fuel, water and food. But when in 1970s the world pressure became less severe, the bunker lost its urgency and in 1990s it became absolutely abandoned. The restoration of the banker began in 2006 carrying an idea of creating a unique museum.

After the tour, you will be taken to the hotel.



Day 3


After that you will visit the Armed Forces Central Museum, which will walk you through the military history from the beginning of the first regular army to the present time. The exhibition consists of over 800,000 military items, such as flags and standards, military medals and awards, weapons and military vehicles, uniforms and outfits. In the main area of the museum, you will see armed vehicles and equipment from cannons, which were used during the 1918-22 Civil War, right up to modern ballistic missiles. You will see and learn many new facts about arms and weapons from World War II, including modern artillery, rockets and aviation equipment (tank T-80, surface-to-air missile system С-300, a supersonic bomber with variable wing positions (changeable geometry of a wing) of the Su-24, MiG-29 and Su-27 jet fighters, a Soviet rocket СС-20 and an American rocket "Pershing-2").


Visiting the Submarine -Museum  B -396


Day 4

After breakfast you will take the tour to the  Air Force Museum in Monino. The Central Museum of Air Forces at Monino is located approximately 38 kilometers (24 miles) from Moscow and it is the largest and the best aviation museum in Russia. Many of the Russian aviation Design Bureaus (Tupolev, Ilyushin, Antonov, Mikoyan, etc.) have contributed exhibits and resources to the museum and its maintenance. All aircrafts are in surprisingly good condition and most of them are still kept on original tires they landed on the Monino airfield with. This is a testament to the museum employees who presrves great historical legacy.




Day 5


After breakfast, we will go to the Museum of the Great Patriotic War, which opened on May 9 1995, and is located in the base of the Memorial Victory Complex on Poklonnaya Hill and covers more than 48.000 square meters. The Museum consists of the Entry Hall, the Halls of Glory and Memory, the Picture Gallery and six dioramas devoted to the most dramatic battles of the Great Patriotic War, two movie theatres, the hall for veterans' meetings and an exhibition hall. The military display acts as a chronicle of the war through official documents, letters (official and personal), newspaper articles, photographs and paintings. In the Hall of Memory there are show-cases containing books with the names of those who died. An automated search system has been installed to help visitors find information on these soldiers more easily.
Then we will go to the Museum-panorama “Borodino Battle”. You will get to know about a very important battle in the Russian history that lasted one day. It was the battle between Napoleon troops and the Russians led by the Field Marshall Kutuzov in August 1812.



Day 6


Military park «Patriot» Alabino(60 кm).



Day 7

After breakfast at the hotel our guide will take you to one of the world biggest Tank Museum in Kubinka (60 km away from Moscow). The Museum of Armored Vehicles and Equipment has one of the largest collections of armored vehicles in the world. Vehicles from 11 foreign countries are represented.

The 290 items range from 3-5-tonn light tanks and armored cars to a super-heavy, 180-tonn monsters. There are 40 self-propelled guns from 57 to 600 calibers, 30 armored cars, 10 reconnaissance and command vehicles, and a variety of technical and engineer support vehicles.

In 2000 the oldest vehicles were repainted to its original manner by the Russian specialists from the historical society. Now all the tanks look like during their historical period.




Day 8


The Paintball game.

Lunch at a restaurant with military interior “Front line”

The military theme quest (optional) 1,5 hour. The maximal group is of 8-10 pax. Several quest types are possible. 5000 rubles per group.

A photo session wearing military uniform. Private photo studio.



The price includes:

  • Hotel accommodation;
  • Meals for groups starting from 10 pax – FB;
  • All transfers and transportation during the tourist program 10+1 microbus, 20+1 midibus, 30+1 big bus;
  • A Norwegian-speaking guide during the program;
  • The tourist program with all entrance tickets;
  • For groups of 10 pax and more one accompanying person from a foreign company is accommodated free of charge, including meals and the tour program.

For additional cost:

  • Early check-in and late checkout;
  • Accommodation at a higher category room standard;
  • Additional excursions;
  • Alcohol;
  • Prolongation of transportation and a guide (longer than planned by the program).

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