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Russia attracts many tourists due to its changeable seasons. There are 4 seasons of the year in Russia, each has its own charm and attraction. In fact visiting the same city in summer and in winter is often like visiting two different cities.

But Russia is a northern country and so winter tourism is also well developed and the country offers a wide range of winter sports as well as a wide range of winter destinations for making sightseeing programs.  We have prepared for you an overview of some of the most interesting destinations in Russia for winter 2018/2019 where you will be able to enjoy a real Russian winter.



Visiting St Petersburg and Moscow in the Winter: What to Expect? What associations do you have with Russian winter? Cold, endless snowy expanses. 

  • Visits to St. Peteburg and Moscow provide a unique opportunity to see the real Russian winter with no fear of severe frosts. Winter average temperatures here vary between 5 and 13 degrees below zero. Just take suitable clothing and you will be fine. Most important of all is a pair of warm, waterproof boots. A ski jacket or warm  coat, a hat, scarf, warm gloves and some thermal underwear should be totally enough, but please do not overdo. Inside houses everywhere is very warm , they are properly heated.


  • Feel  magic Christmas atmosphere of both cities. Admire the charms of the snow-covered streets and the frozen canals and rives. New Year decorations start appearing in the streets already in November : glittering garlands along the city's avenues, Christmas trees on the squares, snowflakes falling slowly the atmosphere becomes magic and fairy.


  • All museums and galleries are opened. You won't have to wait to enter as during the summer season: art, silence, harmony... Different art and music festivals are performed in the cities at this time.And of course the most prominent theatres will invite you to visit


  • You will find many New Years fairs in the city center that exhibit works of Russian folk art and contemporary handmade crafts. It is also possible to participate in various master classes. It includes festive treats, rides and competitions, native Russian games, as well as performances by folk groups.



  • All kinds of activities and winter sports are extremely popular : skiing, ice skating, hockey, snowboarding and, of course, snowball throwing and snowman making.   This is truly an authentic Russian winter experience.


  • Celebrate New Year and Christmas as Russian do! New Year's Eve itself is a magical experience for residents and visitors alike, with the streets filling up around midnight, fireworks glittering all around, and everybody partying until dawn and beyond. 


  • Main Russian experiences to try in winter:
  • Do not forget to experience visit Vodka Museum, where youll learn how the grain-based spirit is produced. The tour concludes with a chance to sample three types of vodka of varying strengths.
  • In winter you also have the opportunity to ride around the  snow-covered grounds in a troika (a traditional three-horse sleigh),   With ringing bells and the rush of traveling you will become part of the Russian folk tradition. No Russian wedding and winter holiday  could be without this amazing fun.
  • What can be more authentic  Russian than a banya (steam bath) ? This ancient bathhouse tradition is one of the most well known symbols of the nation.  Besides washing  Banya is a place for communication. Russians don't spend all their time in the parnaya ( a room with hot wet steam). During a break we walk out to another room that has a large long table and a few benches. There people take a break from the hot temperature and relax, drink aroma tea or special herbal tea, have conversations about life and share their ideas to each other.  Banya  can be followed by a refreshing leap into snow or even into a hole cut through a frozen pool.


So you will discover the Russian culture, the popular New Year celebration, while enjoying a surprisingly rich architecture of both cities.




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