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Beneath Moscow

Moscow diggers


There is a whole underground city besides Moscow metro  with branching tunnels and endless mysteries. There are several companies in Moscow that organise digger tours. The most demanded tour is  to the underground river Neglinnaya. Neglinnaya River (or Neglinka) is a 7.5 km left-bank tributary of the Moskva River.By the mid-18th century it was decided to enclose the river into an underground stone pipe. An underground estuary and a nearly 1 km long sewer collector had been made by 1966.


Tours are guided by experienced diggers. A great deal of physical exercise awaits you, so make sure to assess your skill level objectively. You will be provided with a special protective suit and a flashlight. You won’t have to pay for shooting with your own camera. Such guided tours take from 2 to 3 hours. Starting point is Durova Street 4, final point – Trubnaya square.



5 750 RUB/pax (group 2 pax) – including very experienced digger & translater

4 300 RUB/pax (group 4 pax) -  including very experienced digger & translater


4 250 RUB/pax (group 2 pax) – including digger & translater

2 200 RUB/pax (group 4 pax) -  including digger & translater

Roof Tour


Do you want new feelings, adrenaline and adventures? Excursions on the roofs of Moscow — something that will be remembered for a long time. Tours are conducted on open roofs. These are mostly high-rise buildings on the outskirts of the city or low-rise buildings in the historical center of Moscow. The roofs offer views of parks, boulevards, temples, as well as various sights of the capital.


The most demanded tour is to the top of Stalin skyscraper. What to expect: You will go to the roof of one of Stalin's skyscrapers. Accompanied by a professional guide, you will learn about the unique facts of the history of building construction under Stalin, secrets and even" military secrets " of the USSR. You will see a panorama of the whole of Moscow, amazing landscapes from a bird's eye view. You look at familiar buildings from a completely different angle.


Price for English speaking: 6 900 RUB/pax + transfer


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