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Chasing the Northern Light in Murmansk and Lovozero

3 days / 2 nights


Sightseeing tour in the Arctic area


Availability: September - May

Tour Type: Group / Individual, from 2 persons to 45


1 DAY:

Evening arrival from Moscow or Sankt-Petersburg to the international airport of Murmansk. Picking up the group with guide and transport. Short information from the guide. Arriving and check inn to the hotel Meridian or Azimut Murmansk in the city centre Five Corners Square. Accommodation in DBL rooms. Dinner at the hotel.


2 DAY:

7.30 - 9.30 Breakfast at the hotel.

10.00 - 12.00 City sightseeing (city centre, city terraces, Five Corners Square, Savior on Waters church (Seamens church), submarine Kursk monument, Alyosha monument,  nuclear icebreaker Lenin).

13.00 - 14.00 Lunch in the city restaurant

14.00 Departure to Lovozero. Distance 164 Km, duration of trip 2 hours. 20 minutes.

Lovozero district is entirely located within the Arctic Circle, 164 km  south of Murmansk, between the Barents and White seas and is the most extensive in the Murmansk region. It takes about a third of the Kola Peninsula.The name of the area was named after the large and beautiful lake and located near Lovozero Sami village has lujaurite-siyt (Lovozero churchyard). Lovozero is the main place of compact residence of indigenous peoples of the Murmansk region - Sami, Komi and the Nenets.

We will visit husky park located close to Lovozero settlement .  This is an amazing area of northern nature, where you can escape from the city, take a stroll through the fabulous forest, ride a snowmobile on northern expanses, to communicate with the deer and get acquainted with the Siberian Husky. Dog sledging, snowmobile as an option for those who want something special.  After the walk you can relax and enjoy a delicious, hearty meal in the best traditions in the northern Sami tent on the territory of this wonderful park.  If weather will be good we could see the Polar Light very easy.

21.30 Departure back to Murmansk 

0.30 Arrival to back to the hotel


3 DAY:

07.30 - 8.30 

Breakfast at the hotel.

09.00 Departure to airport. Murmansk - Moscow (SVO) Aeroflot SU1321 10:40.


Price includes:

  • hotel accommodation congress-hotel Meridian 4* or Azimut 4* in dbls,
  • transport,
  • English speaking guide through program,
  • meals in Lovozero.


Visiting the worlds first nuclear powered icebreaker "Lenin" in Murmansk is an option. For English speaking guide 1500 rub and entrance tickets 150 rub for each person. Sightseeing duration 1.5 hours.


Murmansk. Chasing the Northern Light in Murmansk and Lovozero
Murmansk. Chasing the Northern Light in Murmansk and Lovozero
Murmansk. Chasing the Northern Light in Murmansk and Lovozero
Murmansk. Chasing the Northern Light in Murmansk and Lovozero


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