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Yakutia Cruises

Ust-Kut - Sottintsy - Yakutsk (Demyan Bedniy Ship)


During this cruise you'll visit Lenskiye Shyoky- one of the most beautiful and famous places of the upper Lena River. It is situated 172 km up from the Vitim River Estuary. These three fancy pointy cliffs of 200 meters high are situated above the river and present a narrow canyon with sharp turnings. This is the narrowest place of the Lena, the span is less than 200 meters here. Tourists will have an opportunity to visit Mirniy, the Diamond Capital of our republic. This excursion is an optional and is available for an extra pay. Tourists will visit a famous Kimberlite Pipe called Mir. Mirniy was called in honor of this pipe. Besides tourists will visit a  Kimberlite Museum and a Nature Park called the Diamonds of Yakutia. Stay in the Lena Pillars National Park where one can see steep rocks, the unique natural phenomenon. The pillars have 200 meters height and are stretched for 80 km along the river. One can distinguish colonnades, arches and battlements in their shapes. An excursion to Druzhba (Friendship) historic-architecture open-air museum located on the place of the primary foundation of the Lensk Stockaded Town founded by the Russian Cossacks, the future city of Yakutsk. 


Cruise duration: 10 Days / 9 Nights


Dates in the period June  


Cruise route and stops: Ust-Kut - Kirensk - Lenskeaye Shyoky - Lensk - Mirniy - Lensk - The Ura River Estuary - The Lena Pillars - Sottintsy


Price from: 925 EUR / pax (quadruple), 1085 EUR / pax (triple), 1450 EUR / pax (2 bed)


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