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Spending holidays on the beach is not the only reason for tourists to come here. Sochi is famous for a wide variety of attractions, both natural and historically-cultural: mountain canyons and underground caves, relict forests and nature reserves, waterfalls and lakes, cottages of famous people and museums - the list is endless.


The Olympic Park is a very interesting and nice new place in Sochy. After 22nd Winter Olympic Games many sporting stadiums have remained in Sochi and new young athletes train here. Near the Olympic Park on the beach of the Black Sea there has been constructed a theme amusement park with a 4-star-hotel Bogatir.


While Sochi is the first and foremost known as a beach resort, its location by the Caucasus Mountains means vacationers can enjoy a wealth of winter-sports activities, including in its Krasnaya Polyana ski village. The exact ski season varies from year to year, but generally runs from December through April. The Winter Olympics have upgraded Krasnaya Polyana to a truly international standard. Comfortable modern express trains now run between the ski village and Sochi.  This is a real European Winter Resort in the Russian subtropics.


Sochi, Olympic Park
Sochi, Olympic Park
Sochi, Olympic Park
Sochi, Olympic Park


The Dagomys Tea Plantation is one of the world's most northern tea plantations. There you can learn everything about growing tea, and then in one of the areas tea houses indulge in a Russian tea ceremony, which includes tea served from a traditional samovar tea pot along with cakes and other baked goodies.


Sochi is rightfully proud of its botanical gardens, especially the Dendrarium.  There are plants brought from different corners of the world on the territory more than 120 acres. The Dendrariums territory itself is beautifully decorated with various sculptures and fountains, which add a special flair into this place. The gardens numbers more than 1,500 types of trees and bushes, most of which are arranged into separate geographical regions Caucasus, Japan, China, the Mediterranean, North and South America and surprisingly authentic Australia section.


There are 33 Waterfalls in Sochi surrounded by mighty oaks and chestnuts. You are also recommended to visit Tisosamshit Grove, famous for its observation decks. They command magnificent scenery with the Khost River, running at the bottom, and groves with over 60 varieties of different trees and shrubs.


Ahune mountain peaks can be seen from famous Eagles Rocks, where tourists can catch a breath of the purest mountain air. From there it is also possible to see the Agura Waterfalls.


Sochi, Tea Houses
Sochi, Dendrarium
Sochi, Waterfalls
Sochi, Waterfalls


Sochi Discovery World Aquarium. On the territory of 6 000 square meters there are 30 aquariums, a total of 5 million liters of water. Feel like Neptune next to the aquarium, where colorful fish swim. Enjoy a sea star passing through the tunnel where corals are sparkling and a huge shark floats.


The Art Museum is displaying the paintings of Aivazovsky, Polenov, Shishkin and other famous artists. One of the places where locals and tourists like to relax is "Riviera" Park of Culture and Rest, founded in 1898. Located directly in the Riviera territory there is the Green Theatre, which often holds concerts of showbiz stars.


Every year Sochi hosts many major cultural events and festivals at both regional and national levels. For example Kinotavr, Club of the Funny and Inventive, Sochi+, etc.


Sochi, Art Museum
Sochi, Art Museum
Sochi, Riviera Park
Sochi, Kinotavr

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