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Tours to Moscow

Individual Tourism

Russia is definitely worth a visit. Many people dream to visit Russia, but for some reason they  put off considering a trip to Russia thinking that it is too different from their culture, too far away, too unclear etc.

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We have prepared for you an overview of some of the most exciting programs to Russia.  For sure you'll enjoy real nature, boundless vasts,  great beauty, rich history of Russia and hospitality of its people.



Why Russia?


"Bridge" between Europe and Asia


Russia is the largest country in the world. Ural Mountains divide Eurasian continent and Russia to Europe and Asia. Taking an immense space of 9000 kilometers from west to east and 5000 from north to south, being home to people of so many different nationalities and customs, Russia is often called a "bridge" between Europe and Asia, both geographically and sociologically. From the ancient times up to now Russia has been changing and re-shaping itself, its boundaries, its culture. Since ancient times and through centuries of history many different tribes and invaders had made their way through Russia, and this mix of many different nations and their traditions has defined the unique Russian character and culture.


Reasons to come to Russia:

  • easy to reach the destination of Moscow or St.Petersburg from any European country. The flight time is within 3 hours.
  • to see the fantastic world of famous historical sites and museums. A paradise for cultural tourists
  • to visit majestic theaters: The Bolshoi and the Mariinsky Theaters.  Russia has always occupied a prominent spot on the world scene.
  • to  enjoy the change of all 4 seasons of the year in nature. Do not be afraid of the Russian winter while you are in Moscow or St.Petersburg. But if you want to feel real Russian winter you have to travel to Siberian side of Russia
  • to see and get acquainted with so many different nationalities and cultures during one trip
  • to experience the true Russian hospitality
  • to taste traditional Russian food with Vodka and Kvas of course
  • to see the unparalleled grandeur of the Moscow metro
  • to feel the romantic atmosphere of St.Petersburg, to see modern capital Moscow, to take a trip through idyllic countryside of ancient Russian towns of Golden Ring
  • to become a part of Russian religious history and visit incredible cathedrals in many Russian cities
  • to do profitable shopping with current rate of euro/usd


And finally to get inspiration for the future trip


Tour types


Russia in the time of the Soviet Union and some years after it had been terminated used to be a mysterious land for everyone who wished to travel to Russia. But now our country has opened its doors for every traveller and welcomes a lot of tourists and not only in Moscow and St.Petersburg. Russia is a country with a rich and diverse history. "Russia must be experienced to be believed" - wrote one of the foreign tour operators. If you are looking for an incredible vacation in Russia full of discoveries and memorable impressions, we are here to offer you our tours and excursions specially designed to bring out the best of our country. Our multi-day tour itineraries include everything to make your stay as comfortable as possible:  arrival and departure transfers, accommodation of the chosen category, professional guide service, transportation according to the program and all admission fees. Apart from traditional tours we would like to offer you some kind of adventure tours: space adventures with visiting the Baikonur cosmodrom, tours to the “Star City” with a wide range of tourist and custom programs at the Cosmonaut Training Centre n. Y. A. Gagarin (CTC). You may also choose one of our military tours, visiting military museums and including a real military adventure tour. We also suggest you to have flights in the Russian MiG-29 fighter jet, the legendary military Russian Fighter Jet!

Отели России

Hotels in Russia


Whenever you are staying in a new country, it goes without saying that you need guidance in terms of the best places to visit as well as the selection of accommodation.

Of course you may use tourist internet resouces, but you better rely on our professional knowledge. 

Today Russia offers excellent facilities for tourists, with a wide range of places to stay and an excellent market range in terms of price, location and a type of accommodation. 


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