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Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana

Sochi, Dendrarium

Sochi, Zmeikovskie waterfalls

Sochi is a pearl of the Black Sea, surrounded with bright green riparian forests and exciting mountains that protect it from the northern and southern winds. This is the most popular beach resort in Russia for over 2.5 million people annually coming there. Sochi is a resort of the federal value and it is the summer capital of Russia. The citys boundaries stretch for 148 km from the foot of the Caucasus Mountains along the Black Sea coast. Sochi is famous for its tea plantations, most northerly located in Europe. Sochi boasts of both warm seawaters in summer and snow-filled mountains in winter. The 2014 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, the 22nd Olympic Winter Games, were held in Sochi, Russia, in February 2014.


Finally it is a Russian Presidents summer residence, where he receives other heads of states at the official level.

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