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Прозрачная точка


To travel to Russia most foreign nationalities are required to have an Entry Visa to Russia. To have a visa issued, an official invitation processed by Russian governmental or officially authorized companies is required.


To receive a tourist visa a foreign citizen needs to address a diplomatic mission or any consular establishment of the Russian Federation personally or through a properly authorized representative and submit the following documents:

Current passport, valid for six months minimum after visa's expiry date and with at least 2 blank pages which do not need to be consecutive.

A completed visa questionnaire with one photo.

A  'Tourist voucher' and a 'Tourist confirmation'* documents stamped and signed by an authorized person. They can be obtained through your hotel or an approved travel agent, who organizes trips to Russia, and should be valid for the entire duration of your trip.

A photo of 3 x 4 cm.

An insurance policy if other is not provided by international treaties of the Russian Federation.

Additional documents may be required by the Russian Consulate depending on the country of a visa issue. 

* for some countries, namely India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Egypt , Iran, Mongolia, Republic of Tunisia,  etc. the original Tourist voucher and Tourist confirmation are requested.


A Tourist Visa is issued according to the dates specified in the voucher and confirmation and can last for 30 days maximum, with a single or double entry. In any case a tourist visa does not allow a foreign visitor to have any kind of employment.

The cost of a consular fee for the Russian visa depends on a country of visa issue. The European Union citizens e.g. are charged 35 euros for a visa, and in case of an urgent visa receipt (within three days) the fee increases twice.

Upon arrival to the Russian Federation all tourists get a migration card, which has to be returned when leaving Russia. It is very important to keep the migration card till the end of the journey.

All foreign visitors should be registered within 1 workday after the arrival by the hotel administration.

More details and contacts of the Russian Consular abroad.



Tourists on board of large cruise ships when entering the Russian Federation through the following ports: Sochi, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok, Korsakov, Kaliningrad, Vyborg, St.Petersburg have the right to stay in the Russian Federation without a visa for up to 72 hours. They have the right to leave the ship and come back on board only as part of an organized tourist group. Those willing to leave the ship on their own or in a group of less than 5 tourists must have a visa.


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